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List Of Tools Required For First Job

Puddle Jumper

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This isn't a light hearted question but a serious one. Most schools out there require a bare minimum of tools. And to be honest Im kinda worried about showing up for my first job with my toolbox....there really isnt all that much in there however I noticed I do have many more tools than my fellow students. So lets compile a list here of what a guy should or shouldn't have.

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Pliers: Needle nose, duck bill, side cutters, snap-ring(in/out), flush cut, sheet metal

Screwdrivers: Ratcheting Snap-on with various bits, Stubby X and /, jewellers

Combination Wrenches : Imperial 1/4 to 1 1/4 and/or metric 6 mm to 22mm and a set of small ignition wrenches

Sockets: 1/4 set 12 point regualr and deep Imperial 1/4 to 9/16 and/or metric 6mm to 14 mm

Sockets: 3/8 set 12 point regualr and deep Imperial 9/16 to 1 1/4 and/or metric 14 mm to 22 mm and a selection of spark plug sockets

Hammer: Dead blow, peen

Drill: Battery power with a variable clutch (Example: Makita)

Drill Bits: Numbered 1 to 50

Ruler: 6 and 12 inch metal, Tape measure

Various punches, chisels and brass drift



This is a start.


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I wouldn't worry too much about not having a full set of tools on day one at a new job. There is no way you could know exactly what you are going to need. Just go in with your basic tools (a set of wrenches, some 1/4" drive sockets, some duckbill or needle nose pliers, and side cutters). All the other tools you can figure out as you see what you need. There is no point buying $10, 000 worth of tools if they are just going to sit in your toolbox. Guys are usually pretty good about lending a tool if you do not have one. Just treat borrowed tools well and make a point of returning them clean and working.


I've been in for a little over a year every penny that wasn't drank, or spent chasing the girls in opperations and accounting, has gone into supporting me in the industry (tools, rent(I would not live in Yellowknife if I didn't have this job), food, transportation, etc.). Take my advice and wait to see what you need before you buy...after all, there's a new show at the ballet every Thursday.


Good luck


Apprentice :huh:

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Look on ebay for alot of things,Acklands has challanger 12 point sockets and the best phillips screwdriver by wera (has teeth),the torque wrench from princess auto on sale now,the wire twisters from house of tools(western canada company)duck bills that are thin out on the end vs those channel lock ones that you can't get at anything with.SK makes 12 point also. mark your drivers licence on anything of value as it is the only ID they can trace..wrences from canadian tire are great,especially the flex head wratcing ones,but watch the sets they have as the new sets have sizes in metric you don't use(16 and 18 vs 17 and 19)

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as for tools, i've seen a number of high experienced oldtimers show up with just a small toolbox and/or tote bag to a jobsite.


Working mostly on the standard B206/AS350 series, I've seen a few guys show up with their combination wrench set down to only about 15-20, since many of the metric and standard are close enough to interchange (ie: 17mm is close enough to use on 11/16 and vice versa, etc).


A few things to add to the ongoing list, I'd say a bent tip pick (for o-rings) and a good set of off-set open ended wrenches (a must for at least the RR 250 series engines) are handy.

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snap-on offset wrenches 3/8" -3/4"

standard mastercraft wrench set

stubby wrench set


good flahlight (make sure it uses the size batteries the operator supplies not C bat)

ratcheting screwdriver

philips and slotted screwriver set

1/4" 12pt sockets deep and shallow

snap-on 1/4" extension set



wire strippers

wire twisters

flush cutters are nice for zap straps

needle nose pliers

vise grips

ballpein hammer

deadblow hammer

center punch

3/32", 1/8", 5/32. 3/16 pin punches

#40,30,27,20,10 drill bits unless the shop supplies


cordless drill (makita 14.4v with 2.6 Ah Ni-MH Batteries, best drill you can get, here is a link to the best price around, its where i got mine from, Makita drill at toolking.com)

ear muffs



craftsman usa is a good place to get tools cheap, better than craftman canada

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