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Chc Global Ops Personnel Come Here!


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All righty then!


Finally a Forum where you can have some fun, both with each other and by looking and laughing at ourselves!


Keep it going because my intent is to show us just how much is good already and how much better in can get if we just have a good old fashioned hoot!





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  Just think all the VFR ONLY crew will get some exposure to what real helicopter pilots think and do for a living.


REAL PILOTS ????? Too funny ! you heavy IFR types are just glorified Greyhound Bus Drivers, Straight and level Out to Rig, Return to airport, repeat, -- Gosh, where do I sign up for a REAL job like that :down:

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Redawg has it right there 407! :D

You can not believe the joy in our hearts as we amble out to the a/c, 5 pound ops Manual clutched in one hand and clip board in the other.

After only 10 of 15 minutes of checklist reading we are cleared to start!

Another 10 or 15 minutes of recitation of "Gone with the Wind" and we trundle off.

Upon reaching the heady height of 300 feet we punch on the outo pilot - and why not? - we know that it can fly better than we mere mortals and will deliver us up to cruise altitude with speed and dispatch! Besides we have more checklists to read, VNE, TAS, wind and fuel consumption to compute, trend checks to carry out. No time for manual throttle manipulation! The priority is communication, we must talk to Tower, Radar, flight watch, the destination rig, the odd aggressive Yankee Air Pirate, the rig, other helicopters, the next rig then talk to them all again.

There is no time to look outside - gotta compute payloads.

Not for us banks of over 18 Degrees - no mountains to climb- ( heavens forbid the thought of landing on one ) 500 FPM up and down - customer comfort is all.

Letting the outopilot guide us back to the beach we carry out a landing.

Another 15 or 20 minutes of paperwork and another trip is done! No blisters on our hands from excess cyclic use! Bruise on the end of index finger from outopilot punching perhaps.

Another hour or so reading the latest 45 page memo on "Nav Light Procedures" and completing the 25 question "Nav Light Procedures" exam and our day is done.

Now do the exact same thing for another 40 times and you can go home for 6 weeks. :up:

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1 of 7 or 8 or 9, whatever,


I beg to differ. If OneVoice got fed up then he/she is a quitter.


I am not trying to replace the original forum but offer a humour filled alternative to the previous venue.


If you can't take a joke, you shouldn't have joined!







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Yer right 407 - I am sure you will be applying soon! :up:

I would stick were you are - the scenery is much prettier and the job satisfaction factor is probably about 400% better.

Having said that it all boils down to going out and trying to do whatever job you have agreed to do as best you can.


Baboy- one voice did a great job - I would not call him a quitter until you know the facts. No reason for that at all. Succeed or fail I am gratefull he took the time and effort to do what he did. What have you or I done lately to help improve the lot of us all? He did something and we should thank him for it whether we agree with him or not.



Redawg - you break me up! Time spent fishing is not deducted from one's lifespan - you will live to a ripe old age! LOL.

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407 Driver (?)


You forget, we've done what you do.  Can YOU do what WE do???


We should be clear here. reddog is not saying an IFR pilot is a "real pilot". What reddog is saying that a guy who can strap on a bucket and kill some fire, or a 200' long line and haul drill, and winch people off hills, and take off in 1/4 mile vis and cllimb up to 5500' and fly for an hour and never have to look outside the window once, and land at an airport with a 200' ceiling and 1/2 mile visability. Now thats a real pilot.!!! And some of us have done it without helipilots.

Thats what reddog is saying.


I would certainly never say anything like that.


And by the way you would be amazed at how much faster you can go with the gear up.


Don't sweat it guys. You'll all get there one day. The ones with the right stuff will anyhow. B)

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