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As I said before, those are the simple things in life that if the rest of us could afford to do, we would. Ahh to get up in the morning and just go longlining! That would be the life.


Try launching at 0:Dark 30 in 90 kt winds, gusting to 120 because the Company man has a hangnail! Oops, goota go! The Camp Boss is out of smokes in the canteen.......**** Typhoons!








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More power to ya brother. At this point I'm quite happy doing what I'm doing, as I hope you are, but I have been thinking about returning to the IFR world, although this time in a fling-wing capacity.


Is it really as bad as some make it seem? Or are you just afraid of letting a few more drivers in on the action? You know... champagne parties, fast cars and faster women. :up:

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G Member


it'll be a piece of cake for a man of your talents !! in fact we have a seat in Super Six One available right now, drop me a line and I'll introduce you to the man. As for all the stuff about One Voice, thanks OV, just for a moment there we saw a light at the end of the tunnel, we all appreciate your efforts.

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"The major point is I can pee further than you can."


well if it's a PISSING CONTEST................. :D:D:D



i dunno, i've pretty much done it all.......fires, seismic,offshore IFR.....


now i am making MORE sitting in a schweizer telling MY customer where to fly :up:


AND i'm 10 minutes from home....don't work weekends....and when it's dark:30 i'm either sleepin' or having a cold one :D


i dunno...... :unsure: ........somethin' is fishy here.................



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