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Chc Global Ops Personnel Come Here!

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Reddog is already here.


twinstar-ca; what's up with the warning before any of the new folk even start posting? Are you the defender of the faith or what? Give them a chance.


Huey Lover; Onevoice was a group gripe site run by one of the collective that has since lost faith and shut it down. I see a move by the CHC Global collective to assimilate the Caaviation site in your future.


Sharkbait; what's a matter? Don't you want to share the wonders and benefits of belonging to the world's largest offshore helicopter operator with the great unwashed?


I think it's a great idea to move to this site. Just think all the VFR ONLY crew will get some exposure to what real helicopter pilots think and do for a living.

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Redawg: I thought you were going fishing in a river- not on a website.


Bye the bye where is the locker key? - I might need the launch codes. LOL

Didst thou depart with it in your pocket?


If we reveal all our secrets here the unwashed will all want to join the collective not to mention the cyclic.


You know how difficult it is to pretend we travel Cattle Class when in reality we only travel in First. The 5 star hotels - the problems with getting our Tuxedos properly pressed. The boring classes in Wine appreciation. The supposed "simulator" sessions in West Palm Beach. How come your "Sim" trips to NB always seem coincide with Salmon season? And the new "Sim" sessions in the South of France. OH La La c'est monokini partout.

It will all come out and we will be inundated with applications.

Wages will fall- Chaos shall prevail.


I think we should continue to communicate only on the "secret" CHConeofsevenvoice site. They will never find it! :rolleyes:


Have a cold one for me! Heck - have two! :up:


We now return to the half filled stadium of reality.

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