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Judging by Ms. Mallicks comments on "Whirrly Birds" she is obviously an expert on helicopters and ancillary equiment... who knew you could screen for the FLU with a FLIR.


I suggest she seek employment with Contrail as they need all the industry specific help they can get.



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I would have thought that most of you being of the Right Wing Redneck variety would take major issue with Police helicopters.


After all, is there a more obvious infringment on privacy at the moment? I'm pretty sure I'm not cool with them looking into my backyard at night from miles away. That program on disvovery about the T.O. Police chopper was enough to get my attention, never mind all the articls in U.S. magazines about their "observation" capabilities.


Just an observation of my own.


AR :down:

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Wow...another case-in-point for my theory that indignation and righteousness can allow a person to conveniently ignore their own ignorance about a topic.


After reading her article and website, you'd think that a small group of wealthy old white guys were looking at chipping in to purchase an AH-64 to be used in the settlement of private vendettas.


I live in Calgary - we have a police air unit that is VERY active at night, and I have no problem whatsoever with it's activity. I've got no problem with part of my taxes paying for it's operation. I've also got no problem with cops making more than the average Canadian. (I'm fairly sure that her figures about police salaries include the overtime that they almost all work) I don't think that anyone should complain about the money that a cop is paid until they've done the following:


a) Responded to a dozen "domestic disturbance" calls

B) Been shot at by a drug dealer

c) Been the first on the scene at a fatal traffic accident

d) Dealt with a half-dozen brawling drunks in front of a nightclub


None of us would argue that these are necessary evils that occur in the course of effective policing. I also think that you'd have a hard time finding someone at a "Heather Mallick" dinner party that would last more than a week as a cop in Toronto...or is paid less than 75,000 a year.

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