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Ec120, What Do We Need To Know?

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By the way, people here are crazy drivers and can you say "holy pot holes batman!"??

Montreal's road budget needs to be quadrupled!!!


Potholes here are the worst I've ever seen 'em this winter. We've had something like eight freeze/thaw cycles with the weird weather so far.


As far as the drivers go, not really different than any other big city. You just have to adapt. This ain't High Level ya know... :P

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I was wondering if the paint mask made it there yet, I guess it did!

Go to the photo gallery if you want to see our paint scheme. I posted a picture of one of our Astars and our 205. That will give you an idea of what the 120 will look like.

We're pretty excited. From what I've seen on the course so far, this is the most intellegently put together helicopter I know of. If it lives up to our expectations, we will be very satisfied customers!

Buying brand new will also make a difference regarding the problems that the 120 developped since it's arrival on the market in 1997. All the latest improvements will automatically be incorporated.

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EC 120 , What do we need to know?


I have a few suggestions for what its worth.


1. Stop with the insults directed at the San Bernadino Sheriffs dept.


2. Stop trying to suck cheap free adverising out of this website by making the great announcement , and or the phoney recruiting campagne that suggests that all the guys at ( zodiac) are going to let a new pilot slip into the seat of the newest addition to the fleet.


3. Change the photos on the website, the second guy in from the left looks like a convict.


4. Get a life.






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In rersponse to your post Hurler (I will be nice here and not call you by your first name):


1-I don't remember insulting the San Bernandino's sherriff department. If I did, I truly apologize, it was not intentional.


2-In reference to this quote:

phoney recruiting campagne that suggests that all the guys at ( zodiac) are going to let a new pilot slip into the seat of the newest addition to the fleet.
Anybody who knows our chief pilot will tell you that he is not a liar. If he says he needs a 120 pilot then he needs a 120 pilot and the person hired to fill this position will indeed fly the 120. You really shouldn't have called our chief pilot a liar, he's gonna be really pissed when he reads this. (you do have health insurance don't you?)


3- You can call me ugly all you want, that's fine. I've been called worse by better. With a regular workout and a huge fortune in plastic surgery, I'm sure I could be made to look not half bad. You on the other hand, keep showing us with every post on this site that you were born stupid and will remain as such for the rest of your pathetic life.


4- My life is actually pretty excellent, thank you for caring, I truly appreciate your concern.




By the way, if you want to continue insulting me behind the vail of anonymity like the coward that you are, I may eventually loose my sense of humor and remind our viewers why your employement with us only lasted 4 days.



Have yourself a good day!!!!!

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you know, it's the conversations like that that keep me coming back for more. I love this sh*t. :punk:


it separates the individuals down to the very class of people they truly are.


Helidude, handshake coming your way (i'd buy you a beer if you were close, actually if you come out for the delivery(s), I will).


hurler....I'd be embarassed. You're clearly out classed again.

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