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Cleaning Windows

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Hi all, I'm having a discussion with another pilot on how to clean windows. He tells me that using 210 window wax is no good because if the sun hits it at just the right angle it glares. I know how I was taught at school and the company buys it for a reason. So what do you guys use and how do you do it? Thanks...ichi

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first thing in the morning, when the dew is still on the window. clean bottled water and a fresh paper towel. or your bare hand (NO RINGS). dry with more paper towel......


and if you bought him enough beer, that's how your engineer will do it for you :P


i sometimes apply RainX or RainAway...forgot the name (brainfart :blink: ) after this and it seems to work well...........


210 is fine but don't come up short on the polishing or yes, you can get some glare from some leftover glaze........


but only use 210 AFTER the window is free from all the bugs!!!

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The main problem with glare from the sun is pilot induced. An old friend that flew for 44 years taught me a few things my second year as a hangar rat.


First, like 412 said, make sure the window is spotless after cleaning with water. Paper works good on glass but puts small scratches on plexiglas like in most lighter machines. I used to go to the maids at the motels and ask for their dicarded towels. Some get old and stained from coffee, etc. One motel, I scored five bags and dropped them off to our base engineer in Terrace and Smithers. The nice thing about motel towels is they are usually 100% cotton which soaks a lot of water and will not do damage to the window.


Another good option is a deerhide chamoi. Easily rinses off and soaks up a lot of water.


Second very important point is, don't make swirling motions when cleaning. It is best to wipe in a straight line, top to bottom and left to right. The swirling will give you those aweful circles when flying towards the sun.


On the north coast of BC we had a lot of moisture to contend with. Rain-X actually will etc some plastic (as will lemon pledge). I noticed a fixed wing old timer using Rain dance car wax and tried it. That works very well as it repells water better than anything I've used and it also hides the tiny scratches the the other base pilot caused using his technique of spraying 210 over the dusty dry windshield and wiping it with paper.


And as 412 said, early morning is the best time to get it as the bugs are soggy from the morning dew.


The towels went into a large bin and we washed them at the end of the week.


There are many good ways to keep the windshield looking great. This is just what I've tried and it works for me.


As for glass windshields in the 61 and 76, Rain X is a beautiful thing.

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What I find works the best is first clean the window of all debris, bugs etc.

Then spray 210 on the window and then sprinkle water on top of it. Polish until dry and clean, works for me. Oh gotta run we have a fire.



That works for me too....but I wet the window first..then apply the 210. As for glass...good ole windex.


Peace Out



Still in Montana Hawk?

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I found the trouble with Pledge (lemon and plain) is that it will leave more of a wax buildup than 210. Both need to be polished out and water with 210 works well, and will polish out to a nice clean.


I have also used turtle wax on the plexiglass windows which works well, except, you can get a lot of static buildup while polishing it out. But it does fill the tiny scratches as well.


Glass... Windex - and Rain-X. But the windows have to be CLEAN before it is applied. Really helps repell the water on the medium windows.

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