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Whats Fair For A Wrench?


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I'm a big believer in the supply/demand mechanisms of the market. In this age when more of us are retiring or refusing field work, companies will find themselves out of crews, leaving machines grounded and earning no revenue.


When that happens the rates will go up (can anyone say "Cambell") to attract people. Then the other companies will have to raise rates to match the market, and higher rates will bring new people into the industry. So far, the first two have begun to happen, but the flock of new bodies hasn't since the rates just aren't there yet to compete with the building/oilpatch jobs.


With the growth of the helicopter industry in Canada (and the world) the pool of people has been drawn down to bare minimums - and military retention has apparently improved so that source has also near dried up. No easy solutions there to avoid the simple requirement to improve our pay.


I, for one, am looking forward to my remuneration beginning to reflect the value of my services. Hopefully, my boss will agree that the adjustment should be upwards....


**Edited for poor spelling, bad grammar, and logical fallacies.

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Too bad the bubble popped and know one told you.

It's a small industry and good luck getting your 180G after you have been laid off.

Be careful who's door your knock on after trying to hold everyones feet to the fire.

As has been said...supply and demand.



uhhmmm.... Max, I interpret his post as 80K for 180 days of work. That is fair. H

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The Bubble Popped?


If you are a wrench with experience the bubble has far from popped. Industry had better wake up, I know of 4 wrenches who have left the industry, one to work on elevators, and three to work in the patch on pumping station turbines.


I don't think the shortage or wrenches has even started to happen. I have seen the demand for apprentices start to pickup which is maybe industry seeing that there is an engineer shortage, but the ads for experienced guys far outnumber the apprentice postions.

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