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Traveling With A Helmet

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Just like to know how other people do it? Is theres any tricks to it, Ive always found it to be a pain. Hard to fit under the seats of commercial aircraft if taken as a carry on and if you put it in a check baggage I'm always worrying of damage. So what do you guys do??

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Guest sharky

Carry on, always.


Never a problem fitting it in the overhead bins. On the smaller carriers you can put it on 'sky check' or whatever it's called, and it stays on top of all the big luggage.


If the 'biscuit shooters' make a fuss, explaining what it's for, the value of it, and why you don't want it to go into checked baggage usually works.


I have a harder time with security....sometimes.


At one airport they'll tear my whole flight bag apart. "Maps, handheld gps, helmet? Just where to you think you're gonna do up there mister???" :rolleyes:


Other places it goes right on thru the xray without a second glance.

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If you are travelling cattle class, wear it, when the Flight Attendent asks you to take it off, tell her/him that you have no place to stow it.


Then they will move you up to executive class were there is more room.


Scares the shyte out of the other passengers.


Have fun.


Cheers, Don

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well, I do the same as kjw57, but minus the ginch, I use my flight suit and perhaps a my gloves, sweater, something that will hold it together if it does become compressed from the sides, and have carried in on, with no problems. I think that in Canada anyways, most places have seen the helmet and know its use. Bury the helmet in the middle of the bag and should be just fine, I have had no problems when I did travel like that.

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I travel with mine as carry on everywhere I go, never a problem.

Only minor problem was in China as the small jet, a Dornier twin of some sort, had nowhere to store it as carry on. Fortunately I was in China and they didn't care if it stayed put on my lap.


This way it always arrives with me, Air Canada seems to be quite proficient at " Misplacing baggage"

Last summer I was the guy trompsing around the province for a few days in sandals, shorts and a tee shirt. I had my helmet and laptop, what more does a guy need to fight fire!

I now wear normal clothing while travelling to the job site. :rolleyes:

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