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Bad Hips

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I was sort of thinking physically :rolleyes::rolleyes: Jeez, you are so cool TQN!!


post-824-1175793465_thumb.jpg Sa-weet!


I hope you and Bullet do a start a new thread of your stories. We love to hear them and every day's a good day to laugh one's arse off. :rolleyes: We won't understand a word either one of you are saying unless we're two sheets to the wind, but hey! It's all good! :lol:


We should keep this thread all about gettin' Deuce feelin' better and keepin' flyin'. :rolleyes:

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Hello Deuce,


I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing pain, and hope that it doesn't deter you from anything you want to do.


I recommend medicating yourself like the star from 'Grace Under Fire'! Member that show? Booze and Pills, Booze and Pills, she kept on through 3 more seasons before she had to go, and that was because she overdid the chemical ailments.


3 members from my family have plastic and metal knees and hips, my gran's last surgery was over in 2 hours, and she was up on the walker the next day moving about, not that you need a new knee, but with physio and about 200 T1's and 30 beer a week, she is healthier now than I ever remember her.


:mellow: She's an extreme case, but I know that there is a lot of new, trustworthy technology out there now to deal with Osteo, whether it be in your shoulders(truck-driving neighbor recovering from surgery, 63, hitting the road with his truck with Kindersly trucking May 1st) or your knees (mother), or hips (gran, never had to have the hip redone), and they are still at what they have always been.

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hey deuce,

sorry to hear u have it too, but don't worry, i am working thru it and looking forward to flying again soon. i have recently had a full hip replacement and it feels great, 14 years with a bad hip, makes a guy feel like 'why didn't i get it fixed it sooner' although i had my reasons to put it off. the pain is gone immediately which is such a relief, i know what u'r going thru. there is nothing wrong with me going back to work either so i don't see why it would be any different for you. best of luck to you

Hey, Duece Bigalow.....Just like Mg42 story... I have heard and seen other success stories with hip replacements being done. Talk to your Doctor about being referred to a orthopedic surgeon. I've seen a couple complete hip surgeries preformed, absolutely amazing what the docs can do now a days. The patients were back to work, and like mg42 wished they had done the procedure years earlier. If you are a canidate for the surgery, go for it...6 weeks down time and then you will be better than ever.

However, wait times in our Canadian healthcare system will dictate how long you will have to endure with your current discomfort. So make that appointment soon.


Until then take mini's advice...



K-razy's RN Wife

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