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As350 Type Course Locations


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I heard the same with honeywell's Factory LTS-101 course.


TC won't approve a course unless it has a Final Test at the end that covers everything taught in the course.

To be honest with you, if you actually read cars there's a clause that affects what you are asking.. cannot recall right now but believe its 573..... something about commercial or transport aircraft ie rotorcraft which means your amo can give you a test on LTS 101 and your good to sign off a SD, FX2 as long as you have the as350 type could some some one give me more info on this as its always va

gue when interpetted by one

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bcit is not the only alternative NLC offers two astar courses a year as well as both engine courses. i know it's all the way up in Dawson Creek but who carries where you are when your inside all day
are you taking the M program there if so what level are you at now/ how do like it i heard the classes have gotten smaller and people cant get into bcit
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i went to NLC a few years ago the class i was in was 17 to start, i have been talking with one of the guys that are up there right now and his class was 13 to start. i'm not why the drop in inrolement but it seems to be going down at all the schools.


as for me i'm about two months from writing my CARs (kinda worried about that) and then i just heard that i am going to be in the spring astar/engine's courses at NLC.


now as for the program at NLC well it was tough i found but i learnd a lot. for the 3 semesters that we were at school they were expanding/upgrading the hanger and class rooms so that sucked. i have not gone to any of the other schools so i can't compare that way but what i have found is that NLC is a good school if you want to get into small fixed wing or helicopters. of what i have seen and heard bcit seems to be teaching more toward the westjet and canadian.

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