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Guest Bullet Remington



STCs are listed on the TC web site. www.tc.gc.ca . Check out " Civil Aviation", click "Maintenance and Manufacturing" then click"Data bases and Search" then click "Type certificates" There are different areas there to select what you wish to see.


FAA and Canadian STCs are listed.


I'm assuming you are/were unaware of this, don't mean to sound condesending.





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Hi everybody, although new in this forum I guess I've already met with some of you in other ones. Just wanted to add my 2 cents.

I've been firefighting for 17 years now and always belly hooking. I can say that I can handle it quite well but since 2 years ago I decided to "learn" something new so I started training with a 100 ft. line and a load on it and after that I decided to put my bambi in a 50 ft line. I've been humbly doing my best and missing some drops but have to say that now I'm at an acceptable level. The thing is that around here NOBODY works with a line in the bucket so I've been told that I'm crazy, and some other not very nice things... As you can see just the opposite that this thread was holding about the bellyhooking guys... :huh:

Well, all I can say is that there is a place for everybody as long as you do your job and the customer is satisfied. :) the main thing is that you must be in a positive attitud about learning new technics and that nobody must be pushed around for not knowing certain jobs, specially if he/she doesn't have the right training yet, so you guys behave like you've been doing till now. I've been reading your forum for quite a while and have to say you are one of the friendliest and more experienced bunch of pilots in the world, so keep it that way, it really is worth :up:

Buen vuelo from Spain

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Juan (Matador) - Good to see you here. These are a good bunch of guys. but watch out for 407driver and Cyclic Monkey. They have a bad habit of coming down here to New Zealand and doing nasty unmentionable things to our local animals :rolleyes::rolleyes:


Now CTD is whole different kettle of fish. He has this fascination about female sheep and motorbikes. No need to ask any more questions, just look at the Vertical magazine thread. :down:


Seriously you will enjoy it here. Thanks again for the visit and was great to meet you and Emilio in Spain.


Heli Ops

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Well posted Matador, and welcome.

I enjoy seeing your pictures on other sites, please post some here so these local boys can see something other than Swamp and Tundra !!

( I'm running away and ducking :D:D ).


Interesting comment on short Vs long. Tell us a bit more about your experiences, did any customers respond positively or negatively on one vs the other? Did you find any differences?

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Hi ya'll. Just to throw in my two cents...... I also favor the long line for most jobs but there are times that the short line works better for me. A good pilot can switch back and forth, I think. One thing that we should sort out in this discussion is what type of helicopter is used. I've done a reasonable amount of fire work with heavy lift helicopters and would never dream of having anything less than 100' of line below. I'm sure it would be quite different if I was driving a jet box. One other thing that enters into the mix was working some fires with a long line, I spent a surprising amount of time on the dials especially after the drop and in the turn until clear of the smoke, on some fires. I would far sooner do that with a super puma than an astar. It would have been far easier to stay in ground contact on a short line than high above on the wrong end of a kite,



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