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Guest Bullet Remington



Jeez, I visited the site before you ran this topic!! I didn't see anything about a free subscription! :shock:


Man, my own fault though. After reading the part about you and the Barbie thingy, I was going to make a smart arse remark, but didn't have time. Ya know how it is with the Plank World this time of year! :wacko:


Anyway, since I freakin missed out on that, I'm off to do the manly thing! I'm gonna see what's new at Bob the Builder's site! :up: :up:


By the way, still have a great site there, Mike. And I'll go buy the mag, sneak it into the house so that She who must love me, cause ya always hurt the ones ya love, don't smack me sillier! AND, some one has to support the magazine!


Son of a-- Man. those cheapie pilots! ;)


Loo me up when yer in Cowtown, will show ya around the hangar. Might even let ya touch the new 700s.!

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Vertical Mag,


Wondering if you recieved my emailed pics yesterday??


Also thanks for the subscription we will be getting here at the base, I'd just got my first subscription at home two days ago so now the rest of the boys will get the pleasure of your fine publication.


Thanks again. :D

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