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I posted a reply and hot dang its gone! :o I didn't think it was that bad :lol: but really Mr Kyle, where did it go ?? and now on top of not remembering what it is I said I'm to pooped to do it again! :blink:


In essence, I might have said that I'm jumping the fence on this one, running away from ya sheep crazy bunch :shock: , Heli-Ops yur right - this ain't out to pasture yet :P , RDM, new level - yeah I'll say :lol: CTD, I'm still speechless :D


One thing for sure, I ain't counting sheep tonight ...... :lol::P:D

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This post started off promising (Free anything is promising to me), then tempers seemed to flare, people where calmed, and now it's just getting kinda scary. :shock: :shock:


Now don't get me wrong, Based on what I've seen of their posts, I'm sure CTD and 407 Driver are stand up guys, and I have no doubt that they have done right by their lady-sheeps, But just think of the children!!! :eye:

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tDawe: Hey, you ain't seen nothing yet! Wait till we get closer to Xmas and/or further into winter, a few of us suffer from serious cabin fever :shock: :blink: I'll assume you're relatively new to this kinda of play. Yep, we start off with actual "intelligent/informative/serious" topics, it then goes to "heated/emotional", then someone jumps in and throws a humor grenade, next thing you know, we'll be writing xmas jingles and bedtime stories, then pretend we are employed by a ficticious tyrant, and then back to chasing sheep - in other words its all goes straight to **** :blink::lol::P


Pretty fine bunch I'll say! :up:

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CTD mistakenly posted "...Hey, what I do with my sheep, or anyone else's, is none of anybody's business - OK? ...." Mostly correct you 'ol mutton chaser, BUT there is a serious flaw in the wording "or anyone else's"


If you turn to page 154 of your edition of The Divine guide for Shephards, Goat Herders and Kiwi's ( the edition personally signed by Cyclic Monkey)


Read paragraph 4...Thou shalt not covet thine neighbors flock ... !!!

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