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Yeah but if you do that then BV will have to go back into the real world and actually work for a living. Might even have to sell the motty bike so he can afford his rent.


Now do you really want BV back out there in the industry again. :shock: :shock:


Heli Ops

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YES, no problem.

I think he is working for living right now, and doing a good job at it. His salary is my taxes, and I don't mind at all.


Hopefully your comments were meant in jest.

A few comments have been made today in an attempt at humour. Unfortunately sometimes this is not the way they are interpreted. That's a pity.

Some comments were made today in an attempt at nastiness. That's unnecessary.

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Wow. I walk away from the office for a few hours to do my husbandly duties and play with the kids and look what happens!


Unfortunately, too often things are taken out of context in forums and emails causing someone to blow a gasket. I think what started out as a little friendly bantering between Neville and I ended up going a little too far – this was not what I had expected.


Neville, thanks for the comments about the magazine. This wasn’t supposed to be which magazine is better than the other one. I was just offering free subscriptions! Yes, we do both offer first class products compared to the others that are out there. Why? Simple. The three (have to include Mrs. Vertical) of us have genuine interests in this industry. I tried to explain this one time where I used to be, but no one listened, which is why you now have Vertical. Unfortunately, Neville and I just fail to see eye to eye in several areas, and never will, but we do both respect each other’s product.


At times I wish I had gonads the size of yours’ Neville. :rolleyes: You definitely don’t have a problem of getting things off your chest and in the open. I have seen you trounced on (several times) in almost every helicopter forum around the world, BUT, you always return with your head high and contribute with some meaningful posts – for that I commend you. :up:


Now, anyone else need a free subscription? :D Kidding, they were all gone within 20 minutes yesterday! But, if anyone knows that their base is not getting the magazine send me an email or PM.

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Geez Mike, had me crying there at the end. Do you know hard it is for me to behave when you say things like "wishing I had the gonads"? I'm dyin' here!


Thanks Monkey, and please, do try to stay out of my little rag. ;)


Ned - You're sweet. I know deep down inside that you really care, and that's all that counts. :unsure:

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CTD - Of Course we care. Cant have you roamin the streets now can we :shock:


Vortex has become a very much sought after pub since you took it over and as mentioend before when I was in Switzerland the guys there at Air Glaciers have them all as reference material, alongside Heli Ops of course :rolleyes:


Hope you are going to come by at Heli Expo. Might have a six pack or two hidden under the desk if we can get away with it. Maybe refill the coke bottles with some amber liquid, wadda ya say :up:


Off to Middle East on Friday to play with some of your old companies products. Have got bullet proof vest packed and also some t-shirts saying "I am a Kiwi - I am not American" :hide:


Heli Ops

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Boy, some guys get their panties in a knot over almost nothing. Tempers have been rising over a few words, and very angry responses have been thrown back with out much tact or thought. Not just in this post, but other recent fights. Sometimes the :D:D or the ;);) mean more than the words, so take it with a frigg'in grain of salt Eh? >>>> :D <<<<<<


Fortunately we have some very diplomatic posters (like Randy-G, BlackMac, and CTD to name a few) that send some reason back into the arena.

We'd all best watch what we say, and how quickly we respond, or we'll get just like an angry board in the USA.


I suggest that the Moderating team use a bit more force on some on these run-away issues and posters, (Including Me, If I'm the problem) and set the tone for a clean, polite and more cordial site.


As for Heli-Ops and Vertical Mag, both are high class products, and I'd expect that one would be be reading the other, how better to find out what the competition is doing.

Why not?, If my competitor had a product in print, I'd be reading it. As it is, I gotta buy lunch for their crew to get the real inside skinny on what's happening next door....

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Cyclic Monkey, You just don't look in the correct magazines, I have the latest copy of "Ewe and I" from NZ, and you're featured on the centerfold with a darling Corridale Gal, Should I post the pic here?


Note, This post was not serious, and no evil responses should be made without contacting the posters legal team prior to responding. The following smiley faces waive the poster of any legal responsibility. :D No Sheep, Goats, or other farm animals were harmed during this post.

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