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Yeah, pretty rough on the gear, but a live deer back in the 80's in New Zealand was worth $3000nz each, in todays money that would be close to $20-$25000nz! It was a very cut throat, competitive market. A new set of blades would be paid for in half a mornings hunt. It wasnt done all the time, but money talks. These guys are now pretty wealthy and have had successful careers.

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The deer don't just stand there and wait for you to net them!

Thats just how you have to fly to get them in the North Island of NZ. Small clearings, if you can call them that, 3 - 4 steps and they are gone, if you p*s*y foot around you would come home empty handed, just the way it is with hunting!

Oh, and they weren't flying like that to impress anyone, they were working!

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