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Is It Fraud?


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Hoss in answer to your question........."How do we prevent log book padding individuals from killing families in one foul swoop?".......it's real easy, completely confidential, and just waiting for you to act.

It's the Confidential Reporting Service. It was established just for cases like this.

Read more about it here..........




How strongly do you feel about this ??

How bad will you feel if Captain Pencil is over-tasked and kills someone ??

It's time to stop asking us for support.....you have it in truckloads.

You are the only one that knows the facts here......so do something about it, now!

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THis is a thread I brought up some time ago on another forum. As a former CP in fixed-wing, I've seen my fair share of guys with Parker Time.


The problem is, "certified logbooks" are a fallicy, they are not required nor is there ANY inforcement by TC on them. When my ATPL was signed off in Canada, I wrote out my own hours, the lady checked the form against my last line in the logbook, and stampted it. In the States, all I had to do was show them the Canadian one - assumed I was ledgit I guess.


Most guys I know don't even bother keeping books after about 5Khrs. Filling out my new rotary one for the license was almost a new experience! :wacko: The only cheque and balance in the system is the people doing the check rides and interviews, but unless it's a specialty application, chances are the guy doing the interview is not going to ask the correct questions. (or even have the experience required to know the answers)


What happens when you do check the records to find that half a guy's time is in an a/c that was crashed and no longer exists... If you figure that one out, let me know, there's a guy I'd like to report.

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Therefore once you have attained all the licenses or ratings you want you are only required to show a log record of five take offs and landings in the preceeding six months.


This can be written on anything your little heart desires, as long as you record the items as required in CAR's ...or it can be a computer record..


That is all you really have to do, you sure do not have to record all your flying.


However I am betting that no one here has ever been asked to show a personal log to prove the five take offs and landings.


Chas W.

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Nothing says anything about  being certified.  And therein lies the problem.

This should not pose a problem, the requirement to maintain a log implies that the log be accurate. The same goes for Journey Logs, Tech Logs, etc. - as a required document, any deliberate attempt to falsify the information therein, is an offense.


Chairman, as your post was pulled before most of us got a chance to see it, please post it again without the offending words.


Broke, how about leaving the personal slander out of this....

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