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Canadore College

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I don't remeber anyone called weird harold...but it was called the farm..robby Levac was chief pilot,wayne and big Al were there...did our ground school with a former ww11 fighter pilot....charlie collie was head of maint....rod crosley was there with his old beetle...we had scj...which I did my first flight(seen this same old bird in selkerk manitoba in late 90's)...meu,oqn which I did my commercial ride in,icg,etq,vtp,swe was a G4A...they had no turbines there at that time...paul smith showed up later the first year and steve monroe came on the second year . :blink:

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Drank way too much with class mates and Instructors. Always had to make that right hand turn at the bottom of T-Bone hill to Cortinas.

Good times


now I'm curious who you are.....I know helidude.....he was one of the bottom 3 in the class.... I however was in the top three....(just kidding of course) :rolleyes:

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RIP Blue Spruce!


Weird harold was living the good life baby sitting a fancy corporate jet but alas all good things come to an end . I'm sure he is getting his hands dirty again on a 204.



I didn't know they had corp jets in New Liskeard. Are you sure that wasn't a Supper Cub.

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I'll always remember that hot summer afternoon in 73 when the silver haired lumber king showed his nephew how to back MEU in to the bush, down at the 'Farm'. Al and me ended up eating asphalt as pieces of the blades went flying over our heads. After the engine finally quit Lang runs over to the wreckage and helps the old guy out and as he's helping out the nephew he says, " Jeez that was **** of a ride, come back this afternoon and I'll give you one you'll never forget".

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