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Waiting On The Next One

Guest bag swinnger

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Hey gents,

Rainman, I almost hate to admit it but Pelican Narrows would be a great place to visit again, she was a good push. I still want to see that 2 legged bear, take a cruise down puke alley and maybe take a closer look at the local artwork. Have fun in Edson it sounds like I am heading to Vernon to standby to standby. :down:

Goldmember yer just showin' off :P , How are things buddy?

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Couple weeks ago I was in Uranium City, played a little ping pong and lit up 4000 hectares. After each pass the 215's were there supporting our line, worked really well. It stopped that flank from advancing any further, the fire coulda been out if they had ground crew, but the Sask. Govt refused to send the type 2 crews the incident commander requested and a couple of extra mediums, oh well at least were getting some extra work out of her.


Hate to be a pessemist but I think the seasons over in Saskatchewan and east for the year! :down:


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It's getting warmer!!!! Now, there's gotta be some ignition. There must be some careless, avid smokers, who can't quite keep to the "no smoking in the cockpit" rule. Course one needs to bel flying for that to work out. Now for all those with no sense of haha, I'm obviousely KIDDING! Seriousely though, we need some ignition, lot's of it.

Now for a totally different tune, anyone checked out "ZEITGEIST" while waiting for the next one.

If you have an open mind and 2 hours of spare time, just google it.

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Over the last 20 years of flying, I can not remember so many mediums crewed standing bye at the forest services beckon call!!!! With the down turn in our industry, and increased equiptment avalability, I predict that if we dont start getting some fire action we should batten down the hatches!! SH*TS ABOUT TO GET REAL BROTHER!

Just ask Donald

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