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Whats It Worth.

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QUOTE from Blackmac/Don/HEPAC......"You will of course not get any help from the so called "old timers" as they have already feathered there respective nests and or provided the neccessary BJ's."


I don't need to say anything in response.

I just wanted to re-post this to remind people of how much class and respect we can expect from this guy.


Don, I await your usual charming rebuttal.

Maybe you should sign Todd Bertuzzi on as your public relations officer !!!

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#### and Cyclic Monster and whoever was offended.


It would seem that I've touched a few so called "Old Timers" nerves, oh my, oh my.


For your added information the idea of HEPAC was to try and better the industry for engineers and pilots, not just for you individuals.


Start by signing your names and you might have a little validity.


The assoc was set up at no cost to either one of you individuals or any other person that wants to bring it down.


If you feel you can do anything to better the industry, just let me know and for the price of incorporation, you can have it.


I will give people a year from incorporation to make up there respective minds.

If we do not have enough members to vote me out by then, I will disolve it and make no further effort to try and get this industry on some kind of a reasonable footing for everybody.


As I stated from the begining this is not my association, but everybodies.


All I am trying to do is give you a wakeup call and have some say in what is going on in the industry.


So far you are making it quite clear that you are looking at the web page, but don't have the guts to join.


For your added info, I have nothing to gain from this assoc. I am only trying to give something back.


After spending two days at meetings with TC on behalf of HEPAC and mainly for the engineers, I posted a comment in the AME's section and nobody even made a comment. Wait till the Safety Management System is tabled and see people scramble.


HAC was present at the meeting along with ATAC and as you are aware they have paying members that are called operators that they represent.


Quite frankly the only thing that they will condon on behalf of the operators, is any rule making that does not cost anything to there members.


The only ones with anything to say re there respective associations were Flight Attendants and ALPA.


Allthough I attended I had NO direction from our membership to make any statements.


I would suggest that if you want to have a say in what is going on, on your behalf, you had better start attending some of these rule making CARAC meetings. They are open to the public.

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"Allthough I attended I had NO direction from our membership to make any statements."


maybe they wanted you to keep your yap shut.............


the kind of class you have shown so far keeps any fees safely tucked in my pocket.



hey Charles...."BJ" "blustery jitters" it's when you fly into a mountain wave and your helicopter does one of those scary shudders.... ;):P:D



FREE TODD......FREE TODD......FREE TODD.......... :up: :up: :up:

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I guess you guys can't read because you still don't have the gonnads to sign your own name, just hide behind any other name.


I guess your wife if you have one does all the talking for you so called big boys.


When you get around to have enough guts to say who you are, then everybody will know were the idiotic remarks come from.


When I make remarks, I don't hide behind an alias.


Why not try coming out of the closet.



From your good friend,


Don McDougall

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"PS. 412, you are not to hard to figure out."


good for you! anyone can figure out who i am through my posts. i've never made a big secret of it. heck, i even posted a picture of myself a while back :P:lol:


personally, i could care less how long you have been in this industry. (for the record i'm in it for 16yrs)


i just find it amazing that you can post as you do, say the things you do, and threaten people the way you do and still expect people to trust you with their money and to talk for them..........


no, you will never get my "membership fees"............ :down:


ON THE OTHER HAND, should a well respected member of the industry start an association i may change my mind. DOWNWASH, where are you???????????

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