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Road To Ruin

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I was in CFB Greenwood doing my airplane training. The premier of NS was dropped off my the province's controversial King Air. He and his wife were there to welcome Princess Anne as she stopped enroute. A brand new MD500E came in to pick him up. All the other air cadets wer drooling over the King Air and I was alone checking out the helicopter. It turned out that the 500 was on the wrong side of the airfield and I ended up tagging along for the ride.


That did it. Airplanes were just not that fun after that flight.



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Just saw KO!


Hard to believe that this will be his and Chris Renyolds last season before retirement! Best of luck gentleman! Thanks for all your help and contributions to improve this industry of ours. ;)



As for me, Don McDonald. May the helicopter gods rest his soul!



VERTICAL X eh! HMMMMM.... :blink:

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Guest graunch1

Talked to Kris R just before he left for the wet coast with stuff for his kid who lives out there. I think he is planning on moving back out to BC but I don't know how he will be able to move all the L19s and stuff from St Albert :P:P

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I can't remember when I learned to fly, but people tell me I have been flying all skinds of things ever since they can remember.


Next to screwing nothing beats a helicopter, that much I can remember.


Actulally I can fly longer than I can screw come to think of it so maybe flying is better. :up:


I got past the fifty year mark a couple years ago so I'm told and though what the **** lets see if I can make a hundred years as a pilot......


So I guess I'm hooked .


Chas W. ( Reverend. )

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Don McDonald; Forgotten already about TCP and Kenora and the home of Black Bart, when he used to be the hangar bus boy.


Shades of the early seventies. Ever hear from Jimmy Britton.


Say hi, to KO the next time and tell him HEPAC needs a rep from out west. The last time I saw him was in Canmore.


Cheers Don McDougall

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Anyone ever remember DIRTY Harry Nawranski, always carried a 45' and a roll of salami in his tool box (not sure on spelling of last name). Okie engineer at Penticton and eventually out of YYR on 61's during late 70's and early 80's.


Also students : W.R. Smalluk

Rob Libby

Martin Manville

Mike ?????(QC student)

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I remember Capt Smalluk. Bob Libby and Martin Mainville (SP?).

They all worked in James Bay at various times. (Late 70's - Early 80's )

I heard Bob left the business. Just found his photo in an old photo album when I was home last time. Lac Denise winter 78 or 79 I think.

Martin found the body Benny dropped ( Long story )

Have not heard of them since.


Why - what have you heard!!!??? :D

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"Dirty Harry" Niwranski (or at least the name, and how many of them can there be??) showed up on justhelicopters.com a few months ago, he seems to be selling Helicopter parts in Bellingham Washinton USA, just across the border from Vancouver BC.

Check Heli Parts International out here, see how much he's charging for a good used roll of Kielbasa... :D

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