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Ad 2003-15 R2

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Recieved the official AD today. Must have hydraulic v-belt installed by end of September. Must grease hyd splines within 110 hours or 6 month whichever is first, and then every 110 hours afterward.


That's it.




Oh yeah $2720 us. and is for Astar there sharkbait.

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Hey Maggie,


I can tell you, from experince that the Big 3 make up for money lost on recalls by not issuing recalls to Joe Public.


Mrs. Rosco had one on her car but no notice of recall in the mail or anything....I actually found out through lemoncars.com or something like that......


Had to pull it off the net, go to the dealer and say What fornication is this!


Ohhhhhh, they must have missed you on the mail out.......nice reply huh.


To top it off, it was a recall on the head gasket, not a cheap job either on a Dodge Stratus!


Anyhoo, got it done for nothing but had I not found out, it would have been big bucks.......


There is very little customer service left in this day and age........what a shame






BTW...sorry for being off topic.

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Some fellar at T.C. told me that the only reason T.C. drafted this AD was because they weren't getting any results from Eurocopter and they wanted to get them moving faster. They never had the intention of making this AD official since it's totally unrealistic and impractical.

Besides, if they were serious about this AD, the AD wouldn't have come out as a draft, it would've come out as an AD period. No warning, no discussion!

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I would have to say that Transport Canada is walking a fine line by threatening an AD release to make a manufacturer do as they want. I thought the purpose of releasing an AD was to ensure the continuing airworthiness of an aeronautical product that has had a repeating definable issue. I guess they must have had a hard time trying to find a solution to a supposed problem that they couldn't justify or determine. Just a thought!

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