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Why The 407 Is The Superior Aircraft

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Albert ------all aircraft are female. If I understand you correctly, you are saying it depends on whether you want "a one night stand", a long term relationship or you want to marry them. If that is correct, just remember that "financing" also plays a major role in each case. :lol: Personally, I like the fast ones with a low noise level. :lol:

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407D, nice to see you come out of the woodorks for a change :up:


Sysypuss, don't bother comparing the two unless you're gonna compare apples to apples!

Your argument, is the same as me comparing the AS350B3 to a straight L!!! :down:


Keep dreaming about your unions and leave the realistic arguments to those who are willing to be just that: realisitic!!

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Sorry Sissypuss, that was a bit harsh on my part! :down:

You're entitled to your opinions like the rest of us!!


Arctic Front, your opinion will change in a big way if you get a chance to spend a fair amount of time on Astars, especially if you spend any time wrenching on a 407!!


In terms of performance, it's a matter of opinion. When it comes to maintenance, the 407 is a friggin nightmare on its own, let alone compared to the Astar.


As far as why Eurocopter is kicking Bell's *** in market share, well this also is up to much debate, but from what I've seen, the majority of customer dictate what kind of A/C they want to use and that my friends is by far the Astars.

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my reasons for being pro-Bell is based on in-experience and ignorance for the most part....but I have been totally confused too many times by the manuals, parts and service from eurocopter. I have also heard from a few that the only reason to ever own a eurocopter is because the customer likes them....and we all know they really don't know much. my company owns a B, a BA and a B2....our parts guy can't keep any kind of common stock of any parts for any of them, so it seems...what gives?

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To me there is not much to argue about. Since I started flying more than 25 years ago, I've allways thought that the helo I was flying at the moment was the best one (maybe a protective positive attitud).

Nowadays it's not possible in my opinion to turn down any design in helicopters 'couse all of them are quite good with some punctual differences that can get obviated for almost any kind of job. If you are flying a certain model you'll find a way to do the job just as well as another guy with a different model (generally speaking), so my point is that the 407 is probably a great machine and in some particular areas better fitted than the B3, but the opposite it's also true.

I just posted to say that some of the arguments Sysiphus was usind weren't at all correct, for instance power, engine response, start procedures, THROTTLE IN COLLECTIVE (That one is not arguable, B3 has it on it actually !!!).

I'm sure anybody who would be flying mainly the B3 would be more than happy to do so, just like guys flying the 407.

Take the best out of your helicopter and enjoy the flying. :up:

Buen vuelo

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Good post! you have brought to light some of the absolutely true facts concerning the AS350 models. You did leave out the matter concerning the cheap plastic bathroom fan that can be easily shorted out with a little goober. What about the hydraulic drive belt, that resembles a mini dremmel beltsander refill?! Well , you gota give it to AS ! Not only was the first 350 incapable in staying in one piece on landing due in many cases of entering into ground resonance (without the installation of skid dampers), that they may also have inadvertently developed a helicopter that can do a loop all by its self!!


Thanks for the photo #### of the demonstrated procedure for hydraulics failure recovery!!


The throttle on the floor?, damm.. I'm surprised they didn't install it on the cabin roof?, and I will agree! is just plain old wrong!, its kinda like having the toilet flusher installed on the back of the toilet tank!


I liked your remarks about the fuel tank, don't you mean "PILOT INDUCED FUEL SLOSHING"? - does anybody know if there are baffles in the tank to prevent such occurrences or would that put the whole thing out of balance? Causing a potential mid air involuntary disintegration.????????? The Lama and Gazelle are nice AC and different story. What happened ? I don't know?




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I see a few new prospects to join my " I SURVIVED FLYING 350'S" self help group.

Welcome aboard Sisyphus and Leading edge. :DB)




MAG etal, we'll have to call another meeting of the "I survived CHW" group soon.


PPrune is talking of CHC beginning worldwide wage cuts, Hmmm, is Fred Nelson back?

Naaaa...he's still selling USED CARS in PG ! :blink:

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