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Rcmp Air 5 Accident

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Strength to Dave's family coworkers and friends. This is a terrible loss and not someone I would ever have thought to go down. Flew with Dave in the Whistler area and remember humorous times at the gym there. He was one of the pilots that inspired me to make the transition from guiding to flying. No words to describe...

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I was going to post a reply yesterday, but I was at a loss for words. When I saw one of the RCMP AMEs walk through our hangar, I knew what was going on. Very sad day, indeed.


I worked with Dave in Whistler for a few years, did a few fire tours with him in Sasketchewan and did a few movie shoots with him, too. Great times. Great guy.


My thoughts go out to his little girl and boy. As a fellow dad, this hits very close to home. I know that his wife and kids will have tons of support since both their families are from the Vancouver area.

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Dave started just after me at Blackcomb helicopters, I think it was 96. He was the base manager and I was Chief Pilot and as far as we were concerned we owned Whistler, my god did we have some fun.

There are people that we all meet through working together that become lifelong friends and Dave did this a lot, I'm glad that I was one.

I'm on my way to Whistler from Prince Rupert to hoist many drinks for our lost friend. If anybody wants to join the crew PM me or get in touch cause we'd love to see you.


Dave Weir.

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