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212 Panel, Painting


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That panel there is perfect!


Now all i need to do is scale it down, so that it will fit the panel of the model...


Twinny, are you using Monogram's UH-1C or is it the other one?


I am using Panda's UH-1N, which is very crude, but gives a good example anyways. I had to sand down all the rivets, since they looked like 1" raised heads, or railroad spikes! :D


The dash is flat, and I have to rebuild the seats, since I doubt that Alpine has armoured seats?



All! :up:

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Have heard both good and bad things about that one!


Sooo, have now gotten a few nice panel piccies, both Simple and complecx panels. How about one of the center console and one of the overhead?


I Shall want to make it as good as possible you know!


I take it that the usual heli-ski configuration is 4 forwardfacing, 4 aft facing, and two out each side? And the seats, do they have just lap belts in the back, or do they come with shoulder harness as well?


Cheers again.


(By the way, for those that are interested, I am just finishing a bell UH-1H, but it will be in the US Army colors)



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And then, the top of the panel, I've seen a piccie of a 205 or 212 from above, but can't find it. It shows the intricate pattern of the top of the panel, which is of course not duplicated on my model... :down:


That's what you get for buying cheap! :up:


But it looks like a 212!

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Winnie, Typical HeliSki config is...


1 guide up front

4 aft facing -

5 forward facing -

2 LH facing


The only one who I've seen use the RH side seats is one old Swiss guide who hauls Japanese day skiing clients :blink:


Here's the Upper panel




and the lower...




I'll take a few more tomorrow with a different Lens...wider angle.... and change the lighting ...then email them all to you. Got yer email address, thanks.

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