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Eurocoptrer Astar As350-B2 Power Check Calculator

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Hello all,

I've created Eurocopter AS350-B2 Ecureuil ASTAR power check calculator.


To use is very easy, load the file in Microsoft Excel, Enter NR, Torque, Hp, OAT, NG.

The spreadsheet will automatically plot and calculate whether the powercheck passed or failed.


File is attached in the zip archive.Powercheck 350B2 v1.0.zip

Original power check chart was scanned and then digitized using GraphClick.


Any comments, corrections or suggestions are welcome.


Hope you find it useful.

See screenshot. post-2772-0-33464500-1335300499_thumb.jpg

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Most A-Stars have either a sand filter or use an FDC filter, and therefore would use the graph in Supplement 14.

Any chance of doing one of those?


I updated the calculator to version v1.1. I added a "Sand Filter" field which can accept values of "None" or "Installed", select it by clicking on the little arrows just to the right of the field and clicking on the appropriate configuration, see screenshot: post-2772-0-10427300-1335380199_thumb.jpg

Powercheck 350B2 v1.1.zip

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