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How Low Do You Go?

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proper fuel management should part of your bag of airmanship skills and to me, that does not include running yourself dry...


time, distance, and fuel consumption during same are the best ways to make sure you never run dry... push the limits of what you think you have and it's gonna come up and bite a chunk outta your butt!!! the loss of a/c might be the least of the things you lose...


just my $0.02 worth...

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My last reply should have read "350 lbs "..not gallons.I'd still be defuelling.My point was to show how you can get false readings.For any of you out there who like to go to the minimums and then a bit more....please inform me before the flight if I'm to be on board,cause I'll be in constant radio communication with you from the ground......Fly safe..OT


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Myself and my crews are landing for fuel at 20 gallons with a 206, therefor if weather, poor planning or customer issues (picking up a survey crew in muskeg country where you can't shut down and they're late) you have some reserve without the pucker factor.

I also would like to know how one is able to read and know that there is 7 gallons on a jetranger gauge.

Bottom line make low fuel a rareity and not the norm, if you make it a habit to run a aircraft low on fuel you will find out that silence is deafening.

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