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Lts101 For 407 !

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I hear roumor that the C47 may loose certification in Canada becasue of all its problems inherent to the 407.


The 101 in the 750-A4 version is a great engine. Very reliable, easy on fuel, clean buringing and as powerful as an Arriel 2! Considering the support/ attitude of Turbo-screwed, up out to rape everyone-meca...I'd consider the 101 the superior powerplant. :up:


Just my humble (perhaps mis-guided) opinion. :rolleyes:

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Okay, I think I just threw up a little in the back of my mouth. Yuk.


I too was hoping to see a reliable Pratt stuffed in the 407. They are perfect for each other.


According to the above mentioned artical, with the HTS900 at T/O power settings the fuel consumption works out to be about 500lbs/hr, without a 407 manual in front of me, how does that compare. It seems a bit high and if so, how is that going to affect the A/C range etc.


But then again, Scotty sending more power to the Bridge and the dilithium crystals runnin cooler....that can't be all that bad now, can it.




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OK, maybe I was too hasty, just because it (LTS101) killed hundreds of people in the late 70's early 80's is no reason to doubt that they have fixed it. Is it?


Jiggler is correct, the published specific fuel consumption will turn the 407 into a 214...in range as well as in (hot and high) lift.


I'll wait and see what develops, as the powers above are looking at that new engine. I'll certainly take a 407B1 (or whatever the new designation is) for a spin around the hills if one is offered to me to try out for a week... As the largest 407 operator in Canada, I'd expect the Bell will be flogging the mod to us.


But as Skullcap says...sounds best to stick to the known engine, the C47. It performs well enough to do the job.


Sexy Chocolate, the only major C47 engine issue I know of is the throttle potentiometer in the FADEC, a "one-of" situation in a dual channel FADEC system. This is corrected by a dual channel potentiometer, outlined in AD 2004-24-04, at an estimated cost of $600 USD per ship.

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Thats may be true 407 driver but with the fear of modern electronics by the "old boys" at Transport, I think they see the issues suffered by the 407 since its introduction, they feel it might be better to sweep the whole thing under the carpet until the retire and let the newer generation come up. Mind you this would be unpresidented in canada to have a certification on an entire big name machine revoked. So I can't really see that happening. And what of the C47? Well just like it is in the airframe, its along for the ride.

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Give the LTS a chance!

We operate three -600's in our ships, they definately have a purpose. We may add it's big brother to another few ships cause Turbomeca (robbing thiefs) think they are, on top!?!?


Definately engine options are a good thing for the future of our business!

I would like to see a Cdn operator run a P&W in the 205, now there's a machine!!!!

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Can't wait to see how they route the exhaust. Maybe they will do a sideways exhaust stack that will send smoke right into the scoops for the t/r bearings.

Trying to get more horse power out of that boat anchor will only cause more issues. I think this will make the C47 powered 407's very popular.

Bells made another boner move, 2 steps back! :hide:

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