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Mining Season

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Even though mining and exploration is driven by base metal prices and the stock market who would ever have though that Galore Creek of all properties would not be in production now? With the Billion or two that has been invested so far i though it would have too much momentum to grind basically to a halt. I heard whispers too about Kitsault, that there had been drilling there for the past few years with speculation of reopening the mine. Talk, talk, talk...



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With PDAC over, and the gloom and doom that pervades the junior mining sector, I would not be holding my breath for much activity. More than one mining anylist stated that junoir mining has way too many companies chasing the dollars and described 2013 as the year of the washout, up to 60% of the junoir miners on the venture and TSX will disappear, their words not mine.

Junoir miners have had it tough for about 2 years now, and it,s not looking better for this year, so do not expect a return of the good times, and unfortunately, pray for a busy fire season.

The intermediate and senior miners are not doing any better, cutting back on cap. ex.,do to cost over runs, and low metal prices, just look at the price of Barrick, Teck,and all the others that trade on the TSX.

There will always be some work, but it,s not going to be anything close to what it was 3-4 years ago, think the Yukon.


Best of luck!

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