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Pilot Associations, Collective Agreements And Bargaining Agents

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How interesting. Now how long before the slagging begins by those with corporate interests?


I suppose one can safely assume you intend "corporate interests" to include anyone who has a financial agenda witth a corporation (i.e. shareholding, management income or such)?


Regardless, I don't think any reasonable person would consider it "slagging" to point out how many times the association *** untion *** bargaining agent flag has been attached to the pole, only to end up shredded before reaching the top.


Surely there are myriad subjects more likely to produce benefits to the readers and the industry than this tired, worn old shoe.

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Please allow me to replace my sadly misapplied word "corporate" with "company". Then you'll really get my drift.

Whether you know it or not, whether you realize it or not, whether you understand it or not, whether you're willing to admit it or not, an association of pilots submitted a petition to Transport Canada.

It had nothing to do with a union, nor did the petition represent or propose to be a bargaining agent. Like many others, you pretend to misunderstand the meaning of the word association, and use the word union interchangeably. Of course, for those who can't or won't be bothered to understand the difference, you make it sound like some sort of union organizing.

That ought to put fear into the minds of many, which I'm certain was the intent of your post.

Like anything else, the more the subject is discussed, the more it will become something for serious consideration. Imagine how the petition organizers will feel if and/or when the results of their initiative are positve. Such an association of pilots who put their name to that petition, I would think, would be very appreciative of the positive outcome for their efforts. They may even attempt to complete some other task collectively.

Wouldn't that be the cat's rear-end?


Small steps.

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