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Coast Guard Helicopter Crash

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The Province newspaper today released the pilots name as Stan Ulrichsen of Victoria. He is recovering nicely at Victoria General Hospital. It was a passing fishing boat that managed to extract him from the aircraft before it sank.

Kudo's to the fishermen, Stan's family feel that their quick actions saved his life.It was a BO105 that was slinging off the ship Bartlett to the Dryad Point light station, the assistant commissioner is still saying that it was his slinging gear that became entangled in the t/r that brought the a/c down..... :(

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Just heard that Stan is still in the hospital. His condition is still improving, but not as fast as first thought.


Looks like a bonnet (ships slinging gear which he was using), was tied up and being returned to the ship on the end of a long line. For some reason it came loose (untied) and acted like a big drag chute. Caught Stan by surprise as it whipped around the t/r a couple of times. As he was low over the water he had little time to react.


The floats on the 105 are manual deploy.


Rescuer (fisherman) was critical of the dark blue flying suit, and dark grey helmet. He had a hard time locating Stan in the water.


We are so glad that it looks like this incident is going to have a happy ending. :up:

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