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I looked up alpine down here and they sound like our Blue Hawaiian or air Kaui, where do you go for some real fun up there and not flying tourists around all day.



Fun???? We Canadians don't know how to have fun. Nope, nothing going on but tour flights up here. Have fun down there, let us know how it works out.


Ouch sorry, sometimes all those tours make me cranky.



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Southern Boy, It's difficult to get into Alpine, as they have a very low turnover. (and a lot of good resumes on file).

Try talking with Kachina / HeliJet in Boise ID if you're already in the USA.

Who and where are the best pilots, ... all pilots here have good Mtn experience, that's why Alpine hired them !


Vortex, We have to hose Paul down with cold water now and then, but after we seperate him from the sheep, he works hard.


Here's a T-Shirt I should buy him for his B-Day..





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Take that & your degree down to the recruiting centre and join the military.


You could earn:


$41,700 - 45,600 plus $3288 Flying pay almost immediately  ($48,888)


On completion of training  (couple of years) you could then make:


New Captain pilot - $63,972 plus flying pay of $3,288 (fly pay increases at 5,10, 12, 15 yrs etc)  or at your first Sqn making at least $67,260.


Stay until you have ten years as a Capt (about 12-13 yrs from now) and be making:


$95,112 (pay) + $5,332 (Flying pay) and you will be making $100,444 per year before taxes.


Do the math....  by the time you have been in for 12 years you will have made $1,018,860!  You will be a millionaire!!! :lol: (Not even adding in the Flying Pay which you could use for beer money!)

Oh yes BTW we make aircraft commanders out of pilots between 500 and 1000 hrs TT too.



Oh my Gaud! This sounds like a recrutment pitch! :down: They don't tell you, that this is like what your parent said, when you wanted something really bad, "we'll see", sound familiar. I know a guy that got suckered in that way and ended up as a medic! After his mandatory time was over saved his money and got his licence on his own. If you do it on your own you are a pilot in command right off the bat and you won't need the guy in the back to tell you how high your off the ground. :up:

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FullyArticulated (Must Fly SeaPigs)


90K sounds great on the surface but when you make 110K on the OETC, it would require you to be paid 160K in Canada to take home the same amount!


Sounds like a loosing proposition to me! BTW, CF from 78-88. And Yes, I was an '04 course!







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