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Researching History of Aerospatiale & MBB Helicopters in North America - 1958-1985

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21 minutes ago, DGP said:

I have pics of their ships in Ft Smith...1979...one of the Alouettes was upside down in a swamp...and the Gazelle and I had a close encounter in the smoke over the airport!

GOCA was the gazelle... I had a ride down the river and we either hit or were **** close to Vne...


1 hour ago, DGP said:

Did Bob Ough work for Hughes back in the 70's...if so I think I know the other guy.

I believe he did.... and Tony someone sold the original 520N to calgary police....

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21 minutes ago, highbladedown said:

I was at Great Lakes Helicopters(GLH) from 74-78, we operated 2 Gazelles (C-GDUG - light/dark orange was one, can't recall the other registration was red/white).  Dave Dunstan was our Aerospatiale rep - great guy.   Not the same GLH in Cambridge, Ont.  My time at Kenting/Klondike we had 2 Alouette III's.   

Wasn't any EuroCopters at Klondike when I was there in 1974...Bell and Hillers and a couple of Sikorsky S-58...must have just missed you buddy!

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Anyone still around from the Bullock Wings & Rotors or the early days of Alouette II operations use at James Bay?

I remember Gaspar and Ian Powick were Aerospatiale sales reps in the 1970s and early 1980s. Ian has passed away.

Anyone know where Gaspar might be ... or Dave Dunstad?

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