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...So those that kept it on the ground a second day, the third day comes along and doesn't look any different, would you go the third day or not?


IF, the oil company has said, 1000', why would you go? The guy telling you to go only wants to get to work, (fair enough) and probably doesn't know, and doesn't care, if it is 200', 600' 1000' of whatever.


If you have been advised that the 1000' is their policy, wouldn't you run the risk of loosing you "right" to fly for said company if you went? Not likely that every employee has the right to waive the restriction is it? :shock:


Everyone seems to think that this is a personal slight on their fantastic flying abilities, but it isn't. If it is 800', leave those customers there, and take your other customers that will go with you no matter what the conditions. B)


Besides, the other end of the question is:


What do you do when you are already "out" with the customer and the ceiling comes down below their minimum before or while you are coming home? Better have a policy for that as well.


... or, pack your tent!! :lol::lol:

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sarcasm aside charles, you can go back to gardening in the off season if you wish, surely that must be more exciting.


The reality is that someone is throwing a wrench into the "norm", the question is who will remove the wrench. Speculation on my part thinks it will be a semi-self- removal with a bit of guidance from those who's accounts payable deem the new expense unworthy.

I'm in agreement with skidz up..."oops ceilings too low for you guys, get your fricken bags out of my aircraft, I need to take these guys out to the chin for a wildlife survey, problem with that? Call your boss, he wanted those limits"

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Here's an even better idea! When the ceiling drops below 1000' when it's time to come home, tell the customers they have to stay in the bush tonight because of their own rules, come back by yourself, sleep in your own bed (you can't fly with the them on board but you're still legal to fly by yourself! B)) , go back and get them the next day and wait to see how long it will take for the 1000' min rule to disappear! :up:

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You may now cease all discussions about any 1000' ceiling regulation........because that minimum ceiling has been put at 350' for ALL VFR flying..........minimum of 500' for ALL IFR traffic. Those rules will become effective at 1201AM, January 1, 2006 UNLESS those companies that have signed-on to the New Standards decide to back-out of said agreement.


ALL flying activities for the past week have been reviewed, using the New Standards as a guide-line and the results were that on the two occasions that crews were rotated using F/W....... both occasions were illegal. All the flying done by 5 R/W for 3 out of the 7 days was also illegal. Total estimated lost income due to equipment break-down and being unable to be serviced.......$1M+. Using Mot Regulations as the guide-line.........then no regulations were broken with regards to ceiling or visibility.

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I "stirred no pot" with the client concerning this matter. They were made aware in a "thumb-nail sketch" by their Calgary HQ that changes were being considered and could be instituted by the New Year. I had the new Manual and they asked if they could read and peruse it as they had yet to see a copy from their Calgary HQ. I complied and they used the normal day's flying from the last 7 days to see what the difference would be, if any, based on complying with the new rules that have been signed into and may be adopted.


To put it bluntly, they would have ceased to function as a profitable corporate entity for the past 7 days. Their losses for 3 days only would have approximated in excess of $900,000 CDN in lost revenue. THOSE are not my words or estimates, but their own.

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