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No way man, The shoes are cool. :up: I've seen 407Driver fly in them.

Of course the chicks were all over him, (just like fat kids on smarties)


As for the suit, c'mon man. Everyone wants to be able to strutt their stuff, its not about how you feel. It's all about how you look.....


TQN, like I said on the other thread. Are you sure you want a guy like Plink practising the Heimlich on you. Choking is not that bad, considering the alternative. :shock:


As for the "Lamb"... just can't do it.... It's our company mascot fer cryin out loud.



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Are you sure you want a guy like Plink practising the Heimlich on you...



Two guys were sitting in the restaurant when they noticed a beautiful woman beginning to choke. As other patrons sat and stared, not knowing what to do, one of the guys jumped up and said. “I’m a helicopter pilot, and I know what to do!” :up:


Running over to the woman who was still choking, he quickly turned her around, knelt down behind her, and in one swift movement, grabbed her pants by the pockets and pulled them to the floor. In another well-practiced movement, the panties were next! B)


Without missing a beat, he leaned forward and ran his tongue up the butt crack. :bleh:


The woman gasped, startled by what was happening, and suddenly spit out the object she was choking on!


As things settled down, and the woman was able to collect herself and her clothes, and arranging them back in their proper position, she turned and asked in a loud embarrassed voice, ”Just what the *:censored:* do you think you are doing?”


The helicopter pilot replied, “I just finished a First Aid course where they taught us when someone was choking, how to do….








(Are you ready?)










...the Hind Lick Maneuver!” :wub:

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