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Two engines, who said anything about two engines over water, you mean the FAA and PHI have been pulling the wool over my eyes. We fly single engine over water all the time in the GOM. **** I've been 168 nautical miles off-shore with a single stove. HMMM, time for me to get a job over land me's think. Miss all this good banter from you canucks, maybe someday I'll come back and fly in the muskeg and the black flies. Off subject they sure are looking for a lot of pilots for fire fighting this year down here. We have had fires around our region for about the last three months and things aren't getting any better.

Bye the Bye good to hear from you Perfect Track he he.




Its because the water is warmer there. More so than the west coast of BC.



That's not good!


Look at the policy changes upcoming in the oil industry!


For example, if a corporation wants a twin engine to fly the bosses around what are the choices??? Easy, a Bell 212, thats all!, at $2800 an hour, if you can even find one local!!


I believe there are 'winds of change' coming in the next few years! I got involved with alot of these twin engine questions this past summer with two major oil companies and their safety people.


You know the old saying "When 1 engine quits the other takes you to the seen of the crash".

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Guest Bullet Remington



Ahhhhhh....."No comment" :up: :up:


Geez, I maybe way off base on this twin stove debate/discussion, but I really don't see the validity! Honest to Gawd!


Lookit, any freakin thing out on the market today, whether its a S61, a Vertol or a B212, they all have one thing in common. Well, ok two things in common. 1.) They all have two engines; 2) they all turn the head through a common gearbox.


So from my perspective, demanding a twin engine helicopter for SOME operations in akin to fornicating using a condome with a hole in it. Basically, you get a false sense of security while yer getting screwed!


You can have 5 freakin engines on a machine, if you're turning the head through one gearbox, you're only as secure as the last overhaul/build-up of the MGB. That's it!


While the demand and usage of twins are a bonus to those operators fortunate enough to muckle on to a nice contract, I can see no real benifit to twins for SOME operations.


Having said that, were I an operator with a 212, a 204, a 206 and/or a HU50 sitting on the ground, you can betcha bahtootie which one I'd be discreetly pushing on the customer!!


Now folks can feel free to disagree with me on this, in fact, I encourage it. Enlighten me on this folks!


I remember a couple of years back (ok it maybe more than a couple, I ain't gettin any younger ya know) some company outa the Southland came out with a twin pack for the Cessna 208 Caravan, running through a common gear box, very, very similar to the 212 twin pack. They touted this as the latest and greatest next big thing, pushed the 'safety" angle, etc, etc. I don't believe anybody bothered with the thing!


Now all the wailing, nashing of teeth and "voices of reasoning" denigrating how on safe the Van is, don't bother. I ain't buying that one either!


So come on folks, some of you highly experienced, highly paid " :rolleyes: ) under worked medium and heavy drivers, enlighten moi!!


PS: Those providing copious amounts of medicinal spirits can rant all they want!! :up:


Edited by BR: Attempts were made to remove any and all traces of the Newfie Hackcent!! :wacko:

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in regards to MGB's and C-box's....how often do we hear of catastrophic failures? Not often right?

I've heard of some of the very stringent testing that goes on with those components during their design, and how does 30+ minutes of running at full power (or more) sound without oil and without failure? I'm more than comfortable with the reliability of the gearboxes and their ability to get you safely back on the ground. Engines on the other hand....give me two of them.

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