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Retired Flip Wing Pilot

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:) Well my long career as a helicopter pilot has come to an end. My wife and I have purchased a small B&B & Pub in Silverton, BC. I have to say that I will miss flying. I will miss talking shop on fires and will miss all of you that I have met in my 30+ years of having fun. I hope that if you ever drive through New Denver, BC and on to Silverton (HWY 6) you will stop in and say Hi. I am looking forward to starting my new career with my beautiful wife Jean. I have to say that my career with Alpine and Delta Helicopters was great and I have met some great people and hope to see all of you in the future. I have to say this was a hard decision to pull the plug on flying but I have grandson that I want to spend as much time as I can with him, who knows maybe he will carry on as a helicopter pilot

Well you all fly safe and keep the spinny side up and the oily side down because I want to talk to you not read about you.

Fly Safe Amigos and Amigas.

I hope that no one cuts me off from the form because I love to read them all.

So long for now.

204B Driver

Ken Wilde :punk:

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no need to worry about being tossed out of the forum as far as i'm concerned.. and if you want someone with a little authority around here, i have as little as anyone!!! :wacko:


all kidding aside, congrats on the new venture... i know that many out there have and will continue to benefit from your wisdom and experience.. this forum is one more way you can keep passing that on!!! all the best to you in this new endeavor.. :up:


best regards,



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That is beautiful country Ken !


New Denver map


As far as your "tenure" here is concerned, don't worry. Actually, you'll now have a lot more time to spend here, now that you're not flying anymore. I mean, with a B&B, you'll only have to clean a few rooms, do some yardwork in the summer, shovel the snow in winter, take care of repairs around the house, shop for the food, entertain the guests... :P


I just hope you don't get to be as cantankerous as Blackmac in yer old age... :shock:

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Wow, thats the life for me. Congrats for making it through all those years, as we all know not everyone makes it to retirement. I envy you. Great fishing in that area. I know we worked on some fires together back in the nineties when I still was flying in Canada. Maybe someday some I'll ride my wing up to that part of the country and stop by, we can swap some stories ha ha, I'm sure it would get a little thick. I'm sure the wife will enjoy you home every night. I know mine sure does.

Once again job well done

SOB :up:


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