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A Great Summer..........


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My Stratus. Last road trip, Palm Springs to Furnace Crk. Death Valley, Las Vegas , back through the Mojave & Joshua Tree, to Palm Springs. Approx 1200 miles with side trips. No sore back, no sore wrists, no sore neck, no sore a$$.


This summer 0 time on any of my bike's Mnt. Road or Recumbent and one serious heli-belly to ride off this winter...but the revenue hrs. were definitely above average.


Ride on 407

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Well my summer is done, and a great summer at that. I talked (read: bribed) 407driver into givin me a ground position for the summer. Now for some thats not so fun, however as my first job in the heli industry I'm stoked and theres tons to learn on the ground too. It was a complete learning experience from some highly experienced people, the pilots and engineers. They were the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with. I cant say enuf, it was an incredible time. I have no words to say how much I appreciate everything the people there did for me. Learned a ton and had a great time doin it too. I can never say enough bout 407 and his staff of profesionals, always willing to teach me and help. Anyways before I go on about how I can never repay 407 and the guys I'll post a few pics of my time abroad.

Me checkin the bambi for leaks :D ..........jus kiddinpost-1188-1159406220_thumb.jpg


Theres a story behind this one, maybe 407 will elaborate on it for ya.post-1188-1159406655_thumb.jpg

Anyways had a great summer, too many photos to post so here's to 407driver and his staff thanks for a great experience, and if I ever fly ...........it's your fault :up: .



p.s. if I weren't such a redneck I'd have to hug ya :D

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