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Can Someone Enlighten Me?

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I suggest that you just go to your local Canadian Tire and find yourself a cheap LED light.


Check out the '369' Tripod LED light, I love it. It stands on it's own, the light can be aimed, and it folds up to about the same size as a full size Maglite. (But not the security guard monster size!) It is a little big for the pocket, but for DI's and nighttime work it is great. It is available at Crappy tire I believe for around $30... It takes 9 AA's, so it lasts a long time, (Mine went for about 5 months!) and you are not fooling around trying to find batteries as they are common.

A LED headlamp is nice too..... I use the two together.

My $29.99 worth.....

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I suggest...


Petzl Zipka Plus 4 LED headlamp.




My father gave me mine as a gift. I found a Petzl brand belt case for it and now the headlamp goes where I go.


This thing is so small and light you forget it's on your head... until you look at someone in the face and they respond with "hey, what's with the @#$&% light!"


Great hands free operation. For when you are putting blade covers on in the dark.... doing your DI in the dark... or whatever else it is that you do in the dark that you need both hands to do.


Of course, I have the mini mag lite (AA battery) as a back up. I find that the mini mag eats batteries... and bulbs.


Hope this helps.

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I like the LED headlamps as well - excellent battery life. One downside to the LED is brightness, when completely dark they work fine but if you are using one under brighter conditions the more intense Xenon lights such as the Streamlight or Pelican kick a**, I swear you could almost weld with them when the batteries are fresh (their downside, as mentioned earlier, is they chew up batteries quickly).


Regarding the AA Mini Maglight, there is a replacement LED head available from an outfit called Nite Ize. I got mine at Mountain Equipment Coop - less than 10 bucks. It is more of a backup to my Streamlight but it does eliminate the battery and bulb longevity issues.



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