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Things are a changing over in the east as far as Heli-Inter is concerned. I Hear from a good source that the Ex D.o.M. of Heli-Max is jumping on board with MusVenExcelInter to become Dir. of Operations in YYC. He gets good pay, apartment, and a Lexus. Hmmm, All that is required is to talk the pierre. And to get that D.o.M or C/E job with Abitibi you must talk pierre or the upper management will leave you out in the cold with the other english. The last three C/E's can attest to that. Abitibi may be moving their main base to YYC but that is only a front, for their cold heart is still over in franceland. ViVa La ?

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Hey BR...........

good to hear you doing well





Now I see were this is coming from, RM is the guy..... I should have guessed.

I was there in 1993 when this all got put together... and I'm still not very

impressed with the outcome.



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