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Helmet And Flight Suit......practical Investment Or Waste Of Money?

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awsome.....thanks for the info....im definately going to go for a helmet


another quick question............what helmet would you recommend????




:lol::D that's not a quick question :D


I found a deal on a used helmet while I was in training, a Gentex HGU-56. It has a flex mike and dual visor... works great except for headroom in the 206B. I'm 6'2" and it's kinda tight, no problem with the Robbies though. I just didn't want to spend $1500+ before I really knew what I needed or would use. That being said I've tried a Gallet and loved how thin and lightweight it was.

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Being ex-military wore a helmet all the time. First crash in a helicopter smashed in the side of it and ended up with a severe concussion and was wearing a military winter flight suit.

Wore the cotton, nylon etc suits until they made nomex available, saves on clothes and easy to wash. The crash was circa 58.




PS: Don't leave home without them.

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NEWS BULLETIN ----------The vast majority of 'ol pros' don't have their heads up their ***** and that's why they have awards on their walls at home and why they are still with us. Don't crap on me and my peers because the date on our Birth Certificates and flying Licenses comes before yours. Your day will come too and on that day you'll also weary of hearing how you and your 'old peers are all the same........stuck in the past with all old fashioned ideas.


I've worn the helmets and the Nomex flight suits and spent 6 months in hospital because of a crash where three others "bought it". Any helmet......even a construction Safety Helmet or any hard covering for your head will protect your head compared to a baseball cap. I consider that type of discussion to be borderline stupid. Want to wear a flight suit, then go ahead a do so. Realize though that when you do so, jet fuel burns at 1700F and human flesh will be consumed completely when 3000F is reached and your Nomex Flight Suit will give you 6 SECONDS to get your *** free from beginning to be a "crispy critter". So keep things in perspective and do what YOU feel like doing unless orders to the contrary come down from on high and if you can't accomodate those changes pack-up and leave.

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