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Hey guys, there are lots of operators, and drivers, that make a meaningful contribution with their buckets without a line (and I'm not talking about ours). It may be becoming a bit outdated, but the troops who remain at it do their best, and I don't think its professional, or the least bit responsible, to belittle their efforts or their dedication to the job with brutal generalizations. B)

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Is it any wonder a lot of people will not entertain the idea of an association when there are character slurs and boneheaded comments from the same people who talk "brothers" etc. ad nauseum. This business requires an ego to do the job well.I think we have all met egos out of control out there,and these egos are the first to show up on a job and undermine another pilots ability and or character to elevate their chance of scooping that extra 0.1. This talk of assoc. has always been around since I first started and it will suffer the same fate they all have over the years as long as the guys who know it all,keep telling the rest of us how good and smart they are.

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