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Merry Christmas!

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:D Before things get waaaay out of hand on some of these topics :P . I just wanted to wish all of ya a Merry Christmas from the Rock Pile(That would be the Rockies).


If anyone is in the Toronto area this weekend, I will be there doing a lift job for a customer, and would appreciate goin for a pint.(note that was singular in connotation) if anyone's interested :D .

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Now, there's a spirit I can relate to! :up: Likewise to you Big Duke VI. :lol: Nothing like starting early, at this time last year or there abouts, some of us less sophisticated types (I will withhold names) were actually writing up modified classic jingles and playing make beleive! :P:D Wonder what this season will bring ... :blink:


Back to work Biggles, back to work ..

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