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Merry Christmas!

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Hey Elvis, I do know who MSS (or M.S.S.) is. But I can't say cuz this character is somewhat a psyco (extremely unstable). The fact that there is a variation is probably because his brain didn't allow for extra memory storage space and he simply forgot his original user name or password or somethin in those lines :blink: ....

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Feliz Navidad to everybody from this side of the pond, though I'll be working during Xmas I stii enjoy a lot flying in the snow, so it`s not that bad since we already have plenty of it.

Buen vuelo :up:

BTW for the translators:

En el portal de Belén hay estrellas, sol y luna

la Virgen y San José y el niño que está en la cuna. :wacko:

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From all of us here at Heli Ops - Merry Xmas and hope you get everything you want.


Yes CTD you can have that blow up sheep you have been a hangin out for and 407D that little Ewe that you so kindly took under your wing, or at least under something, :rolleyes: is on her way via FEDEX to you.


Seriously hope you all have a good one.


Heli Ops :blink:

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