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Merry Christmas!

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Guest Bullet Remington

Calender?? What calender?? Was it free? Did I get one? Do I need one??


Jeez, I must be gettin older! I need calender to remind me??


Dang it all! I don't even remember going over the hill! When? Where? Anybody see that hill? How far way? How high??


Sorry ...... The Missus took me down to the tattoo parlour today and the effects from the needle and Indian ink haven't worn off yet! She had "Classic" tattooed on my butt. Someting about the ride like a Cadillac. Takes a while to get up to speed, kinda wallows through the turns and the ride is over just as she's getting used to it!


Wonder what she means by that??


For 407D:


Finally got hold of Mick Jagger and the Lads last night, they're going to do a remake of their old "Get of My Cloud" song, for ya.


Gonna be called, " Hey, McCloud, Get off a my ewe".


I'm getting worst than Santa! Last year I had to go over to the Mailman's house to get me gifts! You'd think that Santa would know better!! Man. I hope I have a better X-mas this time. Then again, he was probbly a little miffed at me for the little kafluffle the year before. It really wasn't my fault! I woke up at 4 AM, went down stairs without my glasses on or contacts in, found this Little fat, sweaty man with his head stuck in the fridge drinkin milk from the container! As soon as I stepped off the last stair and hit the floor, I stepped in slush, soot and (what I learned later to be reindeer manure) - Man I just lost it!!


Have agreat one boys and girls, work hard, play harder, and be safe in both!

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dang, i gotta try and keep up with biggles now!!! :o ok, here goes...


it's christmas time for all us here, and time to joke of sheep,

we lay our heads down christmas eve, but find it tough to sleep.


instead of counting wooly bods, we think of the past year,

and all that we have all come through, with laughs and fun and tear.


a forum such as this can't hang, upon our christmas tree,

but it is a place we all come to, and feel a little free.


so let the star shine over all, give thanks whereever you can,

and thank the big guy that in in your sock, was not a little lamb!!!!



:shock: :blink: :up:

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