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Pilot's Took Kit

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Hi Lunchbox,

Elementary Tasks that pilots are allowed to perform usually include inspection of self-sealing chip plugs.......the type of removal is not mentioned, so it's not just the bayonet type.


Standard 625, Appendix A

"(24) inspection and continuity checking of self-sealing chip detectors;"


And for the next question that you will want to ask......

Are the chip plugs on a 206 self sealing ???


In a strict definition, I don't think so.


However, in my opinion, the pilot should be trained how to remove them anyway (and to expect a short dribble of hot oil).........because sooner or later.............

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a leatherman wave with the bit kit comes in handy. I second the water detection paste, the rest of the tools needed should be in the machine anyways. How about a chunk of magnesium with a sparker attached?... might come in handy. not to mention water purification tablets. but thats just for emergency.

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Elementary maintenance as stated in the CARS625 Appendix A, cannot be performed (legally) by a pilot working for a Commercial Air Service unless it is stated in the company Maintenance Control manual and the pilot has been suitably trained to complete the procedure.


"For aircraft operated pursuant to Subpart 406 and Part VII, the applicable tasks listed below are elementary work, provided they are individually listed in the operator's maintenance control manual and or operational manual as applicable, along with a reference to the training to be undertaken by persons authorized to perform them in accordance with paragraph 571.10(3)(B) of the CARs."

-CAR625 AppendixA

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the words 'Pilot' and tools should never be used in the same sentence.


Pilots FLY helicopters.. they should never be allowed to attempt to fix them, hence us engineers will start to do our own test flights and run-ups. Pilots making maintenance calls is a total conflict of interest. And mostly too scary to contemplate.

stick to your knitting.


Thinking about what tools a pilot has in his hands gives me nightmares. He needs a headset and a roll of black tape.

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