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Good Old Boys Club

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Maybe it’s the nectar, Maybe it’s the hour, but I saw the title of this post and got to hummin’ a tune….




Just twelve good ol' boys,

Always spinnin’ ther’ Yarns

Beats all you've ever saw, been in trouble with the law since the day they was



Said they were Fightin’ them fires,

Way up in BC’s hills.

Spent the day at the pub,

Someday the Law might catch 'em, but the wives never will.


Cookin’ their Ribs,

Cause CTD showed them how.

With just a little more beer than the law will allow.


Just good ol' boys,

Wouldn't change if they could,

Fightin' the system like a true modern day Robin Hood.




I wonder how a 407 with a ski basket would look in Hemi Orange with 01 on doors and a confederate flag………… :lol:



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Well done tDawe.....reminds me of the one that was spun a while back on the old forum sometime around Xmas a year or two ago......still howl at that one.....Maybe someone who has a copy of the old rhyme could post it for a laugh. :blink:





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Guest graunch1

Watched the news last night, it is truly a mess down east - hope everybody gets sorted out with out any injuries from shovelling snow the consistency of wet cement


Sorry about the Wx report from YYC ;)

Stay tuned in May when we get our usual dump from above :P

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Good morning Deuce.When ya coming back to make more ribs.

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Been away from a computer the past few days. Getting hammered by the snowstorm today, never saw a snowplow stuck on my road before... Thought about heading out with the shovel, but have a fresh bottle of duty free Cuban rum that looks more appealing. About a four foot snowdrift covering my mailbox.


Talking about old boy's club makes me wonder where a few have gone. There are a lot of "fresh" name on this forum that don't seem to understand what it's all about. The so called old boys on the list have been collectively banging away on these keyboards for at least four or five years thanks to Kyle and his original Canadianaviation site. I have seen a downward trend in the replies and the content, hopefully that hasn't made folks choose to head over to other forums as a result. This is a great site, let's do our best to keep it that way.


Looking for my old buddy Bladestrike. Maybe he's too busy studying those S92 manuals.






Remember, with this whole Internet thing, believe half of what you see and none of what you read. Credibility goes out the window when someone is draped behind a pseudonym.


Are you talking about one or two pseudonyms? I'm only using one. I hear from a reliable source that some people Have two , you know good guy,bad guy. I have no quaim about signing anything i post providing everyone else does the same. By the way when are you moving to the pprune site. :(:(


Maybe you should organize a group hug from whirygirl. :up: :up:



407 Driver

Are you working on our degree in physiology or philosphy? :lol::lol:


Cyclic Monkey

IF you want to relinquish your position in the club,maybe you could get the other members to vote her in.

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Talking about old boy's club makes me wonder where a few have gone.

Have heard from a few of the old guard that they're all fed up with the constant niggling, negative tone, and pettiness of many of the threads. Can't say I blame them, and almost went that way myself recently. The recent bullshite of shutting the site downis a prime example. I guess some of us cannot disagree without making it personal, and that's a shame. maybe it's aviation - justhelicopters is terrible, and Pprune isn't much better.


tDawe - you're a poet. You should write for Shania. :D


I vote WhirlyGirl in, but we can't punt the Monkey. Maybe a Baker's Dozen? Something like a Northern Threesome, right?


Stealth - RDM was probably sober when he wrote that.

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