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Ok heres my advise for what it's worth. Remember you paid nothing for it and it's worth every penny you paidd.


1. Sooner or later a driller will hook you up to a load that will be way too much weight. He is saving work by not breaking down the drill as much as he should and if he gets you to take it he's won. If the tq guage goes to 100 in the hover it's too heavy. release the load preferably in the mud. it keeps them honest.


2. Sooner or later a drill will reach it's depth 1 hour after sundown and some fool will try to pressure you into going to get the drillers in the dark. Don't do it. You can go with the lead hand to get them with snowmobiles if you want but don't let yourself get pressured into doing something stupid with the helo.


3. There are three areas of pressure that will push you into going. 1 is the customer. 2. is your company. and 3 is your own ego. Be aware of the pressure points.


bon chance bloke...........


Deuce...I don't think there is any better way of putting it....WELL SAID!


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Deuce...I don't think there is any better way of putting it....WELL SAID!


Yeah! absolutely well said....thanks Deuce. this kind of advise are money for me and I'm drinking each and every post . but just to clarified a little , this first contract will be a none flying one for me the boss shure wants to put me thru the test before investing money on my head, and i think is absolutely right. Training a low timer for his first PPC will certainly cost around 5000.00$ to 10000.00$ if not much. so the flying advise are way welcomed , I'll keep them in mind when time will come.

The guy is an absolute gentleman, and I'm shure of one thing," i will fly this year". If everything goes right this will be the launch of my career.

cheers. :up:

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Well BR gave you a little insite into the driller mentality...it usually goes like this...you show up in the middle of the day...just get your gear thrown into your tent and we need a load of drill rod flown out to the drill...the pilot you are replacing is packing his gear...no time to chat to find out the skinny on how to operate a driller...they tell you were approximately the drill is located...its in your gps...so don't worry...its a short flight...its only snowing a bit...don't worry...we know how much your machine will lift...in fact..we know MORE about your job and your aircraft than you will ever know..trust us...with a map location quickly pointed out and a driller telling you the weight of the rod you are about to sling....and he could care less if you ever slung dog poo before...things are running and you are hooked to a load of rod and you are thinking...this is nuts...but I quess its now or never...so you start pulling pitch...and pulling...and pulling....and the snow is blowing like he...double hockey pucks...you can bearly see outside let alone watch that torgue gauge that has already passed 95% and the load hasn't even come off the ground yet...at 100% it finally moves up about an inch...so you being the fine concerned pilot put the load back down and land...shut down and now you have a one on one with the drill boss...who says WHAT the f%&K is the problem...you had it in the air...go with it...so you tell him its to heavy...he says the loads are made down to the pound...should be NO PROBLEM...you say that's not the case...got to lighten up the load....he says that will take time...time is money...you reply its got to be lighter...his reply...last pilot had NO PROBLEM and he was way bigger than you....so now you are starting to think...am I just a boozo who can't fly his way around or through s$%t or are these guys trying to pull a fast one on the new guy....WELL...we all know never trust a driller..don't we...and that drill rod weighed how much...there is grams and then there is drillergrams...take what ever those boozooes told and double it and you have ...DRILLERGRAMS :shock: :unsure: :down: :blink: :punk:

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