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What The Heck Is Happening To This Forum?

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Hey Guys


Was just checking out some posts form way back when. Take a look at the fourth page of threads, there is one called "Vortex Ring Advise". Not sure if many of you read it back then, but that's the good stuff. Threads and posts of thoes sorts are the primary reason behind me being here. A bunch of guys sharing some advise and tossing out ideas, coupled with the odd good hearted ribbing. The good old days weren't so long ago after all.



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I love to learn and become informed, so I repectfully ask this question. Who is the Ops Manager in this industry that has the power to "black-ball" ANY pilot industry-wide. I've been around for quite some time and have yet to meet or hear of such a person. Pray tell.....who is the Ops Manager that can do this?

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With your permission I'm going to come in although I might not be invited ....

I'ts not a matter of what people is going to think about you from abroad (It might be possible not too many people from away Canada looking on this pages, but I bet more than you think) the thing is that this type of discussion only degradate the quality and professionalism of this site.

It's clear that is only a very few people involved but taking tha attention of a lot, so my opinion is to disregard this type of threads and only send a disagreement message :down:

Buen vuelo.

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Bleedvalve, be careful.

You are attacking all pilots in Canada with your accusations that the only people that can get a job in this industry are backstabbers etc. etc.


However you are really going too far with your statement about the people you have met in our industry.........QUOTE....some truly "great" people but as in any other industry they are few and far between.The Jerks are the ones that make up the majority by far........UNQUOTE.


This is a small industry. If your identity is revealed I suspect you will find out just how hard it is too ever get a job again.


Another pilot appeared here recently looking for University Graduates. His statements that belittled most of the fine professionals in our industry virtually destroyed his career. Whoever didn't know him before, does by now.

The same goes for you. You may start a union, and boot out the foreigners......but your infamy will be so great, that you will be at home changing diapers for many more summers. Sadly your children will once again wonder why there are so few presents under the tree. It is sad to think they are being dragged into this.


Just like you, the Graduate seeker has about 3000 hours and 15 years experience.

Do you guys know all the answers at that stage ???

I am a long way past that, and I'm still learning everyday that I know very little !!

.......and you like to call yourself an "oldtimer".....ha ha.


Yes, jobs for Canadians first. BUT only if they can do the job.

Employers don't want to go through the hassle of hiring foreigners if Canadians can do the job. These foreigners aren't any cheaper than the market average. There are just no Canadians with the right skills and attitude available and/or wanting to work north of Fort St. Nowhere.

You are either asking too much for your skills, or don't have the skills to earn the average market wage, or have an attitude that deters anybody in all of Canada from hiring a 3000 hour pilot.


Look in the mirror, think of other people for once, and consider an attitude adjustment.

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"foreigner?".......Geez, I was a "foreigner" when I worked in Quebec on the James Bay Power Project years ago and I was still in Canada.....or so I understood. I was only there because there wasn't a large enough supply of French Canadian pilots to go 'round. If that would not have been the case, I would have been "doggie dew-dew". :D

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"Go and try to join the military without a degree, they will not let you in!"


I'll challenge you on that. I have a good size handfull of relatives who did not have anything more than highschool and are enjoying careers in the military as we speak.

Not any more! Simply put, you CANNOT join the military as an Officer without a degree at this time unless you are going through the Military College (during which you will obtain 1. a degree, or 2. a return to civvi street).


The CEOTP (Continuing Education Officer Training Programme) is suspended. Even if the CEOTP still existed, the applicant would have to complete the degree within nine years while on the job or face dismissal. DND is demanding a 100% degreed officer corps, and is even leaning towards demanding a Masters degree for Senior Officers, and a PhD for Generals. 100% bilingualism will likely be next.


#### - you are welcome to prove me wrong; however, I have lived the scenarios listed above in spades.

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