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The Unfortunate Case Of Bleedvalve

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This is precisely why helicopter pilots should have collective agreements and highlights the precarious nature of at will employment. Had there been a grievence procedure in place the matter would have been settled long ago.


It is unclear precisely what the circumstances are, but it is clear that Bleedvalve is hurting. To those contributors who ridiculed him or who said anything to exacerbate his distress, shame. This sort of thing is far removed from professional behaviour to say nothing of common decency to fellow man.


When Blackmac was promoting the worthy cause of HEPAC, a similar thing happened. Some contributors just kept at the man. This barrage would have tried the patience of Christ.



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Do you really believe that a union or association would prevent the irrational behavior exhibited by bleedvalve? He most likely has issiues, that although were exacerbated by his conflict with his former co-worker, that run very deep indeed. Violence and threatening behavior should not be tolerated or excused.


I would be willing to lend an ear to bleedvalve and offer constructive advice, but I will not stand by while someone I consider a very valuable asset to this industry is threatened.

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I am aware of the circumstances behind BV's actions here, and in all honesty was sympathetic to his situation as he was/is suffering some hardships. The problem is that he chose to use these forums as an outlet for his frustrations which I do not believe was the correct avenue. He was warned and I gave him the benefit of the doubt, but things progressed to a state which I deemed to be worse than what I originally had warned him about. At the end of it, he requested that I remove his user account and all of his posts which I agreed to do. I would gladly welcome him back if he agreed to change the nature of his posts, but he did leave on his own accord.

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Am I to understand correctly that bleedvalve is no longer posting here?


While I am sympathetic to his 'black-balling' I do not know the circumstances, all I ever heard was the bitching and ranting by BV.


Can't say I'll miss that.

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Sisyphus, let's be honest, the guy posted with the intent of stirring things up and got exactly what he wanted.


He was unwilling to admit who he was and thus was unable to defend his position. He should have kept his mouth shut.


If collective agreements can protect guys like this, then you have proven the argument against them. You don't know he is hurting unless you ARE him as he has posted no actual identity other than anonymous internet drivel. You say shame to those that ridiculed and exacerbated his distress, but what about me? I replied in exactly the tone he used and he ignored any coherent argument to rant and rave with no purpose.


Good riddance!

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I feel sorry for bleedvalve and hope he works through his crisis.

Having said that I wouldn't want to be in a tent camp with him in his present state of mind.

His problem was not going to be addressed here but maybe the "venting" was helpfull to him.

Can we go back to being friends again now that OUR crisis is over - everyone take the central nervous system depressant of choice and come out from cover. Olly olly oxen free. ( or however you spell it.) :rolleyes:

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